Get Consumer Feedback During Their Store Visit

Stop Losing Money


Involuntary discounting and overstocking leads to 12% of turnover loss


Not having the right product in stock costs retailers 5% of their turnover

Market Share

Retailers spend $12B a year on market research not conducted at the moment of purchase

Help Retailers Make Better Decisions


Realtime consumer feedback at the moment of purchase


Sales figures with context of what happened in store

What Makes LiveCrew Unique

Quantifying qualitative data

Collecting thousands of in-store feedback, artificial intelligence to rate the feedback and finding insights thanks to data mining

Knowing why people do not buy

Why they left the store empty handed

Store Management

Merchants will adapt the assortment in real time, increasing the space for bestsellers

Product Selection

They can allocate stock by store based on accurate customer feedback. Boosting sales whilst reducing promotions

Enhanced Inventory

They can place replenishment orders of bestsellers in the season, maximising sales


LiveCrew was selected by Entrepreneur First, a London based Venture Capital backed by Reid Hoffman (co-founder LinkedIn) with 115M$ of funding. Entrepreneur First has invested in LiveCrew in July 2020 and continues to support LiveCrew by providing consultancy services and offices at the world’s biggest start-up campus, Station F in Paris.


Jonathan Dory


Many years running retail brands, always dreamt of having great consumer feedback

Frédéric Delaunay


PhD turned entrepreneur, now aims at providing retail with AI greatness