Measure and eliminate your missed sales in stores

In-person interactions are the heart of luxury and premium retail.
Convert those conversations into reliable data to manage your inventory and boost conversion.

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Our 2-step solution

Equip sales associates to collect and share all missed sales - by answering a couple questions in 10 seconds

Follow your missed sales to reallocate stock in each store and develop products your visitors actually want

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They trust us

Retailers lose 12% of sales because they don’t have the right stock, and another 5% because of involuntary discounting. Without a way to track missed sales, you’re leaving a massive opportunity on the table.

Don’t leave that information on the shopfloor.

Quality, up-to-date visitor data isn't just for e-commerce. It's there for physical retail too. Level the playing field with the information you need to reduce missed sales and boost conversions.

Empower your sales team and give them a voice to speak for your customers

Easily track every missed sale. By answering 2 questions and 10 seconds, your sales associates have the tools to quickly record insight behind a missed sale.

Make data-drive decisions more quickly. Filter through any missed sales based on 4 key categories: assortments, discontinued, new product ideas, and out of stock.

Get ahead of potential opportunities: LiveCrew alerts you when you're facing stock issues.

Gain a full picture of
visitor needs
Boost conversion and reduced missed sales
Stock stores appropriately
Increase your company revenue

Turn visitor conversations into the insights you need to never miss a sale

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You can have the best of both worlds

Maximize the authentic in-person interactions unique to retail stores. Then leverage our visualisation tools to interpret data and deliver powerful, easy-to-understand insights.

Sales associate portal

Empower your sales force to make a meaningful contribution by gathering invaluable data.

Fast and easy
data input

Designed for on-the-go input, your sales team can quickly capture which product was missing and why

Expert pre-set

Questions specifically based on the best practices of retail data will help them efficiently gather the most essential information

Retail insights dashboard

Follow all your missed sales in all your stores, so you can eliminate overstock and reduce discounting

Get the stock to the right stores

Once you know what products are missing by SKU and store, you can reallocate your existing inventory and improve store assortments

Place better orders for next season

Place product orders based on historical sales PLUS the missed sales so you don't keep on replicating past mistakes

Your sales associates have access to a wealth of knowledge in your retail stores

You deserve easy access to information and insights to deliver exactly what your customers want

People at the cashier

Empower your sales to actively listen to customers and then, effortlessly share the most important customer feedback.

Finger pointing at computer

Utilize dashboards equipped with clear data and actionable insights to understand what your visitors are thinking.


Take action based on insights to stock your stores with the merchandise your customers want.

We understand how challenging it can be to grow a thriving retail business when you’re flying blind
Sébastien Valette

We deployed the LiveCrew solution for three reasons: firstly, to better understand our customers needs when they visit the shop.
Secondly, we wanted to leverage the experience of our sales advisors, who are in constant contact with our customers.

Finally, we wanted to create a stronger link between our sales advisors and their HQ colleagues. It is essential to feel listened to and the fact of having relevant and reliable information, shared easily, makes all the difference, it creates a real team cohesion and a better knowledge of our customers' needs.

Sébastien Valette

Samsonite General Manager France & General Manager Lipault International

That’s why we’ve harnessed our experience and expertise in retail and data science to help retailers all over the world.

Winner of richemont’s innovation award
5 stars

Stop losing sales to disappointed customers who may never return, and instead leverage data to maximize your stock, delight your customers, and boost your conversion rates

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