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We tell you everything you need to know, in real time, without disturbing your customers.


Your sales advisor speaks to your customer and finds out a lot about him or her, like the reason for the visit, comments on products considered, reasons to buy or not to buy


When the customer leaves, the sales advisor simply takes out his tablet or phone and answers between 5 and 15 questions on the LiveCrew app


We collect the data, verify its quality and crunch thousands of customer data points to create actionable consumer insights straight from your stores

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Customer centricity
We create actionable insights
Analyse the data quality
Crunch thousands of answers
Big data )
Deliver customer insights to your key decision makers
Data driven decision making use cases
Missed sales
Know how many missed sales you had, per SKU, in each store. Take the right inventory and replishment decisions based on facts
CRM & omnichannel
Log behavioral data and the customer’s reactions to your customer’s data
Product marketing
Develop better products by knowing what consumers want for each product category and what are all the unmet needs
Salespeople training
Help them choose the right product to show the customer and what are the sales arguments that matter
Merchandising and store clustering
Know exactly what each store’s profile customer is and what they’re looking for
Measure the traffic your marketing campaigns are generating into your stores
livecrew image fast responses
LIVECREW gives you a new role to your sales teams, allowing them to share their feedback and maximise their value.
Empower your seller community to achieve their business goals
Happy sales team = Happy customer
Customer testimonials
"We deployed the LiveCrew solution for three reasons: firstly, to better understand our customers' needs when they visit the shop. Secondly, we wanted to leverage the experience of our sales advisors, who are in constant contact with our customers. Finally, we wanted to create a stronger link between our sales advisors and their HQ colleagues. It is essential to feel listened to and the fact of having relevant and reliable information, shared easily, makes all the difference, it creates a real team cohesion and a better knowledge of our customers' needs.”
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Sébastien Valette
Samsonite General Manager France & General Manager Lipault International
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