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How we were born ?

LiveCrew was created when our founder Jonathan was running a retail brand in Paris. He was impressed by how much data e-commerce teams had at their disposal to understand their visitor's friction points. By knowing and testing those customer journeys, and identifying the reasons for the bounces (leaving the website), they were able to remove friction points and boost conversion. It was simple and efficient.

On the contrary, when it came to physical retail, teams rely on basic KPIs such as Turnover, Conversion Rate, AUR (average unit retail = average price of items sold) and UPT (units per transaction). They have very little usable data to understand the friction points and why 80% of visitors leave without buying. Without knowing what's happening, they're driving blind and can't remove the frictions to boost satisfaction and conversion.

Jonathan believed that physical stores had a huge advantage on e-commerce: they own the human interaction with customers. So the data exists, the problem is collecting it and making sense of it.

At LiveCrew, we believe the Sales Associates have a wealth of knowledge about what's happening but their knowledge isn't properly leveraged.

What LiveCrew does? 

Empower sales associates to listen to customers, and then easily share the most important customer feedback

Leverage dashboards with data you can make sense of and actionable insights to know what’s happening in your stores

Take action based on the data you have to stock your stores with the products your customers want

Meet our team

We are a core team of passionate people with tech and retail experience.

Jonathan Dory

Jonathan Dory


Jonathan is our CEO. He's worked 13 years at Samsonite, of which 6 as General Manager running retail brands. He's fascinated by customer journeys, what makes someone come to a store, why he or she decides to buy or leave empty-handed.

Simon Lejeune

Lead developer

Simon is our Tech Lead. He worked many years for Odoo, a Belgian unicorn which offers open-source ERP. He is passionate about creating software programs that offer incredible user experiences and delivers incredible insights to its users.

Bastien Dewerse

Bastien Dewerse


Bastien is our Full Stack developer, he takes care of the front and the back-end of our solution and has been with LiveCrew since the early beginnings.

Laura Piraux

Product manager

Laura is our Product Manager. She's passionate about understanding users' needs and how they interact with software products. The end-game is finding the right features that provide exceptional user experience.

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