New feature release - April 24

  • Find those missing Euros: by connecting your product catalogue to LiveCrew, you’ll not only be able to see the Missed Sales in Units but also in Value, helping you understand what to prioritise. You’ll be able to see if those Missed Sales are linked to Product Features, Pricing or Product Availability. Per store, per SKU, in real-time.
  • Self-service questionnaires: you can now edit the questionnaires yourself, allowing you to add or remove questions, depending on your marketing campaigns for instance. Also, once you find out about something that’s going on, you can decide to dig into the subject by adding questions when that issue occurs. For instance, if you’re investing in advertising targeting 25-35 year old women, are they coming to your stores and are they converting or not, and why.
  • Export your data: LiveCrew allows you to collect the Voice of your Salespeople. We collect and analyse your data, it’s not ours. You can export data in .xls or .csv so you can use it in your presentations, integrate it into your BI tools for instance. You can also download .pdf versions of your dashboards to share them with your colleagues, and apply your filters to the dashboards, to highlight a store, a customer profile...

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